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product number是什么意思 product number在线翻译 product number什么意思 product number的意思 product number的翻译 product number的解释

product number

product number 双语例句

1. I got your number from a coupon, which says your product is 50% off today.

2. In chapter two, we determine the crossing number of the cartesian product of five graphs on 6-vertex with path.

3. product number

3. Developed a simple CNC turret punch press, high-power upgrade the general CNC feed products, the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises to adapt to the requirements of product processing, has greatly improved production efficiency by users.

4. In fact, I have always thought that mall do not have any specific reference to the template, we have to match the surrounding environment, look for your target market, the scope of radiation, consumer groups, which have a commercial shopping district of the Business area, the number of proportion, Performance index, and then analyzes the characteristics of their own projects, such as building structure, the idea of planning, product positioning, and so on, have to do a full range of considerations, the project should not take business model sets, otherwise it will enter the Trader errors in commercial operation, On the one hand, the project requires a rational analysis of the business, on the other hand, also need experience of perceptual knowledge, Therefore, the practical is the most important, and sometimes I often take the university to open a convenience store when the state of mind to do, your location, the allocation of goods, customer needs analysis, competitor analysis, the source of profit analysis, staff management, Each of you has a bearing on the vital interests of the past, so convenience stores to the tired physically and mentally exhausted, and now do professional managers, but relaxed pleasure, why, in large measure because we do not have to do in-depth market analysis, there is no To go from a financial point of view to measure inputs and outputs, In a way, we copy the model and set of formulas that this is the blind authority, and that is scientific, not a matter of fact, what professional, non-professional planning, planning is not professional, lead to a large number of commercial real estate projects and idle Waste, Who's fault also?

5. There are a number of the company's product line will provide customers a complete technical support and integration programmes.

6. The company's products (Xiancao powder, stone pollen, white jelly, and jelly, pearl powder yen) Health delicious, pure flavor, product marketing all over the country, loved by the vast number of consumers.

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7. However, there is a lot of lawless elements often use this model to money, Does handbag company, borrowed money was not a possible product, and even the operation of loss-making products, by drawing the head agent fees to window-shattering making excessive profits, if running at a deficit Racket buttocks leave, resulting in a number of co-operation agent losses, two missing and wealth!

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8. In the present invention, chemically modified active chitin carrier provided in the other Chinese patent with the application number No.96120646.2 is coupled with trypsin to produce chitin-fixing trypsin adsobent, which is then used in static adsorption and dynamic elution of ox lungs to produce aprotinin. The product has an activity as high as 5, 000 Kiu/mg, much higher than the given value, 3, 600 Kiu/mg in Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

9. A first component (310) of a composite bar code symbol, which may identify a product carried in the containers, is either pre-printed or printed during a production run, and a second component (330), which may identify a lot, batch, expiration date or commodity number, is printed during the production run.

10. The cover pebbling number for lexicographic product graphs and some strong product graphs were determined.

11. In order to study the effects of the theoretical number of plates on bottom tower product during distilling, on the assumption that feeding conditions confirmed, the number of plates were changed to study the relative change rules of different compositions of bottom tower product, which could provide useful reference for the operation and the design of azeotropic rectification tower and validate the correctness and superiority of dynamic analogy.(Tran. by YUE Yang

12. In electronic information area, especially in integrated circuit design and manufacture, network andcommunications, computer and software, digital electronic product andetc., and in high and new technology industry areas with a certain basesuch as biological technology and new medicines, new materials, newenergies, aviation and space, and ocean, we shall strengthen technicalinnovation, and form a number of high and new technology enterprises withindependent intellectual property and competitive advantages.

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13. Such calls were often hard sells. I had to be very firm. Sometimes I sold my signs at a loss. I did not make money on my product. When this happened, there were cut backs. I had to use fewer supplies and reduce the number of workers.

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14. The company's existing 17 employees, most of them engineers and has more titles, accounting for 82% of the total number of staff, it is strong in scientific research, product quality and reliable over the years, none of the quality of the dispute.

15. product number是什么意思

15. Shenzhen Shi Yada Technology Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in pure green food, health products research, development and marketing, as well as high-tech environmental protection, energy product development, the company has a large number of hi-tech talents, advanced production equipment, standard management system, a Flow of product quality.

16. My company's products after years of development and transformation efforts, gradually formed a specialized production scale, now has a number of senior engineer, dozens of technical personnel, and has superb technology and solid strength, we will keep the quality of the product, Product branding the country, catch up with international standards.

17. Division I professional sell a full range of modern office furniture, including tables, chairs, screens, counters the four categories, has thousands of varieties and specifications, including: Class Units Series, Front Desk Series, the staff desk series, conference table series, chair series, screen series, sofa series, file cabinet and a number of schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other facilities, product variety, fashionable and high quality.

18. product number什么意思

18. Since 2002, is committed to the development, production, sales EL EL-chip market, and Fobus Lighting cooperation with the United States, the introduction of foreign automated production technology, Dr. John Tedesc lead, carrying a large number of electronic engineers and technical experts, the product On the basis of existing technology to improve its lower power consumption more evenly luminous, light weight, safe and convenient advantages, won the praise of customers and the industry enjoyed a good reputation.
      自2002年开始致力于研发、生产、销售EL场致发光片,并与美国Fobus Lighting合作,引进国外全自动生产技术,在John Tedesc 博士领衔下,携一大批电子工程师和技术专家,在产品原有技术的基础上改进,使其发光更均匀耗电量更低、重量轻薄、安全方便等优点,赢得了客户的一致好评,并在同行业中享有良好信誉。

19. product number的意思

19. From trade shows to product launches, there are a number of good reasons you must create a press kit.

20. Company's main product has: KDE2.5/3.5 headphone socket, 635 socket, DC power socket, RCA socket with the core, S-Video, USB socket, Tact Switch, Micro Switch, KDC power switch and precision connector, such as 10 total number of series over 300 kinds of specifications.

product number 单语例句

product number的近义词

1. Three generations of new products have been launched, with the number of product types now crossing 50.

2. A number of online shops have sprung up recently, selling every kind of sex product imaginable.

3. Such a large number of companies make price wars inevitable, leading to low product prices across the generics segment in China.

4. Union Life has launched a number of participating insurance policies this year, a major product in traditional insurance area.

5. There was an unprecedented number of new product launches and price cuts by auto makers in China in the first five months of this year.

6. The company also plans to rebuild its distribution channels, which were heavily damaged by a number of issues concerning product quality last year.

7. Although China overtook Germany as the largest exporter last year, its exports sector has been plagued by a number of product quality problems.

8. UBS Product Manager Simon Smiles said that the number of people over 65 on the mainland has reached about 100 million.

9. China produces the highest number of product quality certificates in the world.

10. Though it sells in a large number, profitability of each product is rather low and its brand influence is not strong enough.

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